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All-mountain? What does it really mean? For Patrol, an all-mountain bike should be able to handle everything our enduro bikes do. Big drops, rough climbs and long rides in the mountains. With our go anywhere geometry, the 591 is aimed at all levels of rider, and all levels of trail. Go and explore, Patrol the unknown.


Go and explore, Patrol the unknown.

The Patrol 591 is everything you need in an all-mountain trail bike. A confidence-inspiring ride, modern geometry and a host of high-performance components. Fox suspension, a 1 x 12 drivetrain, powerful brakes, and fast-rolling 29in wheels, this bike has

Go Anywhere Geometry

We've built this bike so you just point and go, let the geometry and suspension do the rest. Aim the front wheel where you want to go and let the 591 take you there. Ride a gentle cross-country loop, or race an enduro, the Patrol 591 will take you places in comfort and at speed.